Myriad’s editor reaches for the stars

She clasped onto her notebooks, brimming with meticulous and colorful notes, and her emerald eyes teemed with enthusiasm and determination. As a diligent student, she seemed to be steadfast and fast paced within an academic construct.

Corrine Kosidlak, 19, physics major, is both right and left minded, she is passionate about astronomy and creative writing. Her major was originally English, but now she is a physics major and dreams to be an astronomer.

“I like the stars a lot, and I want to be able to observe them and… discover new universes…(I have) really high hopes in that area,” Kosidlak said.

However, she still maintains that she will never lose her passion for creative writing.

“I am a huge fan of poetry and literature and I still write poetry,” Kosidlak said.

Last semester, she was president of Page Turners – an EC book club. Now, Kosidlak is enrolled in the Myriad, an EC creative arts journal course. Peter Marcoux, English Professor and Myriad’s faculty advisor, speaks highly of Kosidlak’s work ethic.

“I don’t have an official editor, but she is kind of the unofficial editor… She is a really good student and she really cares about the magazine,” Marcoux said.

Marcoux talked about how the course oscillated with demands on the editors, but currently the editors are in the taxing process of rating submissions.

“So now we are starting to get submissions turned in and 80 percent of our submissions come within the last 24 hours, so we get slammed,” Marcoux said.

Kosidlak has been involved with Myriad both as an editor and as a writer, her literary works were in last year’s edition.

Kosidlak encouraged people to join the course, and to submit to the arts journal.

“You should probably like English [to join],” kosidlak said. “Just be open to the creativity that comes in… Have fun with it because it’s very fun to be in this class.”