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Guitarist connects to audiences with his solo EP

Jordan Moe, 21, liberal studies major stares off onto the campus, illuminating his shy, but stoic demeanor. Moe is a rising artist who plays in two bands, on top of being a solo artist. Photo credit: Jo Rankin

After being forced to take piano lessons at an early age, it wasn’t until a friend came along and showed him how to play guitar that his interest in music began.

Since then Jordan Moehau, 21, liberal studies major, has continued to pursue his musical interests.

“I was blown away, I wanted to learn how to play it too,” Moehau said. “(My friend and I) just started learning together.”

Moehau, who prefers to go by “Jordan Moe,” started becoming interested in music around around the age of 12 and some of his favorite bands are Young the Giant and Queen.

AP0A4480 copy.jpg
Moe sports his "Be Kind" hat in the quad, which exemplifies who Jordan is as a person. Photo credit: Jo Rankin

Moe recently came out with a new-solo EP called “The Man I Was,” which has a mixed selection of folk, acoustic guitars, violins and singing. There’s also a focus on self reflection and ways that people can change.

Artists who have influenced his EP are Passenger and Ed Sheeran (both English singer/song writers).

“I also play in a band called The Giver, which is more of a hardcore band,” Moe said. “The words are more spoken with rock music in the background. The songs for the band are all over the place in terms of subjects, from selfishness to exploring things we don’t know.”

Moe added that his first priority is emotionally connecting with the audience, as he likes having similarities with the people watching him, whether it is with the band or by himself.

Andrew Reimer, 22, undecided major, is the vocalist in the band The Giver along with Moe and said that there is nobody like him.

“The first time I met him was at a practice, he’s the best musician I’ve ever personally met,” Reimer said. “I think he should be on the radio and (everyone should listen to his music).”

Berkley Kielhack, who has known Moe since they were about eight or nine years old, has been playing with him in The Giver for over 2 years.

Kielhack believes that Moe’s musical talents are showcased well in his EP.

“It’s (beautiful). It’s really well written (and) I think it’s something he’s wanted to do for a while and I’m really glad he’s venturing into that,” Kielhack, 21, vocal performance major, said. “He’s not holding back.”

Despite the semi-solo venture with his EP, Moe is continuing to work with The Giver and it’s been a great ride with his bandmates.

“I feel blessed working with him. He’s inspirational, even though he’s younger than me, I definitely look up to him,” Reimer said.

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