Up and coming actor takes inspiration from tragedy


Denzel Roseboro is an upcoming actor who has had many roles in plays at El Camino. He’s been in many plays such as ‘Hairspray’ where he plays the character Seaweed, a talented young man who is discriminated due to his race. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

As the limelight sets on the theater, an actor looks out at the stage to belt out a truly passionate song about life, liberty, and the dream where a person can one day achieve their goals.

Denzel Roseboro, a 21-year-old theatre major, who hopes to be the next legend that comes to the stage to share the knowledge and motivation of the theatre.

“Theatre really broke me out of my confidence in high school. I transferred to a religious Catholic school in my sophomore year, then I went to another Christian school and they had a theatre program there. Once I joined the classes there, it really inspired me to break out of my comfort zone,” Roseboro said.

Denzel has had many theatrical awakenings in his student career here at El Camino College.

He has been in plays such as ‘Rumors,’ the 10-minute plays, the One-Act plays, and the newest to complete the list, ‘Hairspray.’ He has been working on some side projects with the Scene One Film Club at EC, in hopes to become like his role model, Denzel Washington.

“I was named after the guy when I was a kid, but even still today he’s left a heavy impact in the acting realm and every time I watch him on the big screen or whether he’s doing something, he always leaves an impact on people,” he said. “For everybody that he’s worked with, there’s always something they can take from him.”

In Hairspray, Roseboro plays the character Seaweed J. Stubbs, a talented young dancer who is discriminated because of his race.

“The cast is wonderful,” he said. “They have been truly supportive and high-energy,”

Recently, Roseboro’s brother died two weeks ago. He was shot and killed in their driveway.

“I took a day off from school just to make sure my family situation was alright. When I came back to rehearsal, I felt nothing but love and support and encouragement,” Roseboro said. “People being inspired, it just does something to my heart, a feeling that cannot be replaced by any other cast.”

The death of his brother was on a tragedy that Roseboro had to endure, but found true inspiration and passion through him.

“It was him and our cousin was killed as well unfortunately, but we were all masters of the craft. To continue on without them is a remembrance of him and my cousin and to continue the legacy of the artistry,” Roseboro said.

This will not stop Roseboro in performing. It won’t stop him from achieving his dream, whenever it may come.

“He is one of the better actors in this department and he puts in the work for everyone of the craft. He is very diligent of what he does and if he’s not in class, he’s practicing for the upcoming show,” Mario Sosa, 23, theatre and communications major, said.

EC student Cheyenne Rose, 20, theatre and sports broadcasting major says he makes cast members feel better about themselves.

“One of the most sweetest, hardworking person I have ever met,” she said. “He makes others feel better about themselves, no matter what is happening in his life, he’ll always make someone else feel bet

The life of Roseboro has just started, the band is playing him on and the crowds are cheering his name. This is his calling, a true inspiration in theater. This is his place and he knows where to look in part of his upcoming accomplishments and awards.

“Denzel is a very kinda-hearted guy,” Sosa said. “I think he generally cares about his friends, family, and his work in theatre.”

In the future Roseboro plans on graduating from a four-year university, as well as become a Screen Actors Guild Member (SAG).

SAG is an organization dedicatded to negotiating the best wages, working conditions, and health and pension benefits; preserving and expanding members’ work opportunities, enforcing contacts and protecting members against unauthorized use of their work, according to their website.

“I have visited New York several times and have traveled the world,” he said. “In the future, I want to set up a college fund for students as well as scholarship funds to help those who need it.”

Theatre is Roseboro’s calling, as his passion grows with each performance he takes place in. The light sets on him and his castmates after each performance.

He also sees himself being graduated from a four-year university. He hopes to one day “make it into the entertainment industry and pave a path for others.”