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El Camino’s Myriad made a promotional video, students donated blood and the debate team could make history

By Carina Cardenas

March 26, 2017

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[View the story "Social Media for the Week of March 20" on Storify]...

Myriad journal hosts reading of latest published edition

By Lauren Liddle

May 10, 2016

Filed under Arts

In a small room, people fill the chairs in the rows of desks around the room with a projector screen showing a slideshow of photographs and a wooden podium standing at the front of the room.In the Distance Education Center Th...

Myriad journal publishes the personal work of creative arts students

By Tayler Dahm

March 12, 2016

Filed under Arts, Previews

The Myriad Journal is a journal here at El Camino that puts together poems, short stories and artwork from the college's community and has been around since the 1960s. The journal publishes once a year and is put together by studen...

Myriad’s editor reaches for the stars

By Lorilynn Lomeli

March 25, 2014

Filed under Arts, Rising Star

She clasped onto her notebooks, brimming with meticulous and colorful notes, and her emerald eyes teemed with enthusiasm and determination. As a diligent student, she seemed to be steadfast and fast paced within an academic construct. Corrine...

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