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Myriad’s editor reaches for the stars

By Lorilynn Lomeli

March 25, 2014

She clasped onto her notebooks, brimming with meticulous and colorful notes, and her emerald eyes teemed with enthusiasm and determination. As a diligent student, she seemed to be steadfast and fast paced within an academic construct. Corrine...

Like father, like son

By Joel Leon

February 18, 2014

Usually a father teaches his son how to ride a bike, catch a ball, or how to drive, however, there might be other lessons that may just be a bit more important than knowing how to throw a curve ball. John Ross Gatlin, 28, graphic...

Drawing in the fast lane

By Rigo Bonilla

February 13, 2014

Dangling precariously from a woman's arm is a purse: an unmistakable symbol of femininity. He takes notice, and in his mind, the transformation begins; curves are carved, wheels materialize. Hector Gonzalez, 23, studio art...

There’s a new serif in town

By Chris Guzman

November 20, 2013

Jaekyu Lim, better known to his classmates and teachers as JQ, sits in the back of class, mingling with other students and offering his advice. Here, discussing graphic design, the language barrier is broken and he expresses himself...

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