Week in Fashion: Utilitarian jackets and space-age trends

In this unpredictable So-Cal weather we can never be sure how to dress, but one sure thing is that students on campus dress for comfort.

One spring fashion I’ve come to love is the utilitarian jacket. Its origins began with our great fighting men and women from the 1940s.

On a cool, sunny spring afternoon, this jacket’s bagginess creates a lightweight comfort. Also, its neutral tone makes it versatile enough so you can wear it with any style from nautical to grunge. Pair it with a bold red lip to make it edgy. But its best feature is its simplicity.

“My style is all about comfort and simplicity. Simple is key,” Brandy Bruce, 24, business and film major, said.

Either paired with combat Doc Martins or a dress and flats, these jackets are not only easy to wear but comfy enough for putting in those long hours of studying.

“You don’t have to over-accessorize…you can make an outfit out of something simple.” Bruce said.

Daisy Figueroa, 22, art history major, described her style as, “comfy, stylish, simple.”

Another great spring fashion is the fun and vibrant colors of the galaxy in spaced out prints. We’ve seen them on shirts and leggings and can make any outfit. This print is more commonly associated from the space-age trends of the ‘90s. Space themed attire, just like neon colors, are perfect with a neutral tone like black or white.

I love these spring fashions and can’t wait to empty the closet and make room for summer wear.