Allowing guns on campus would cause student concern


Allowing concealed weapons on campus would hinder the safety that students feel on campus.

Some students seem to agree with the laws set in place that disallows them to carry concealed weapons on campus.

“No, there shouldn’t be guns allowed on campus. I dont think its necessary,” Jennifer Salazar, 20, undecided major, said. “I think those crazy shootings aren’t that common, but I’d feel weird knowing someone could just have a gun in class or school.”

While students understand why some would argue against the ban on concealed weapons on campus, they remain adamant about not allowing these weapons on campus.

“I can see why a person would feel like, “Yeah, I can protect myself in case something like that does happen,” but that would make me uncomfortable,” Natasha Reyes, 19, administration of justice major, said. “It shouldn’t be allowed because I think it would be more harmful than anything good.

The state of California is one of 22 states that bans the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses, according to the While recent events of school shootings have led to the conversation of what gun control regulations should be, it has also been a segue for even more debates on the subject. Organizations such as Students for Concealed Carry(SCC) and NRA have been very outspoken on the issue. This past January SCC called on the legislators across the nation to act immediately in allowing concealed weapons on college campuses.

Whether or not students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons depends on the risk and benefits and the significance of it all.

The general risks of allowing these concealed weapons would be guns accidentally going off, it could escalate fear of gun violence in students, and also emotions in students could lead to unnecessary violence. Possible benefits of allowing concealed weapons would be students feeling safer in their abilities to protect themselves, less likelihood of school shootings, and it would more assurance to students than the alternatives such as pepper spray or a taser.

If students were allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus then there definitely should be regulations in place. Having a permit on hand at all times while carrying their weapon could be a enforced rule. Limiting the ability to carry only one weapon at a time could be enforced. Also there should be a mandatory registry of all students who choose to carry concealed weapons.

Regardless of the risk or benefits of carrying concealed weapons on campus, it’s not actually going to help students to be safer around campus. Fighting violence with violence doesn’t seem very productive, especially when there are alternatives like a taser or pepper spray.

Though students agree that regulations would help they still believe that carry concealed weapons poses a threat.

“If it were regulated then I think students would be held accountable more,” Salazar said. “At the same time it wouldn’t make me feel any safer.”