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Editorial: Homeless no longer

February 19, 2014

EC Foundation's recent announcement regarding its initiative to create optional housing for students has come to fruition. For the upcoming semester, an estimated 60 to 80 students will potentially benefit from the new venture....

Editorial: Murdock Stadium gone, but not forgotten

February 12, 2014

Demolition of Murdock Stadium began a month and a half ago and most of us in the community are still feeling a sense of loss and sadness to see the stadium go. Some are even angry, even though the project has been in the works...

Costly election bill must find an alternative payment plan

March 29, 2012

EC must allocate money to an unexpected election bill while students continue to suffer from anticipated budget cuts. Tuition is on the rise and classes are being cut each semester. Colleges aren’t only facing enormous...

Transfer limits punish prospective students

March 29, 2012

Being a college student is hard. With budget cuts reducing class availability and slashing counselor hours, getting stuck in the system is no longer a concern, but an inevitability. And as of last Monday, it’s getting even...

Requirements leave tranferees concerned

March 7, 2012

Competing for admission to colleges is becoming harder each year. With forecasted budget cuts for the 2013-2014 academic year, many colleges are proposing a change in their admission policies that would force students to re-evaluate...

Budget cuts a threat to students

March 1, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget plan will increase GPA requirements for Cal Grants, if passed. The deadline to apply for financial aid is March 2 so students could receive a Cal Grant and then have it canceled because they...

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