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Top 5 items found in the bags of student-athletes

Ami Jacobson, a sophomore on El Camino College’s cross-country and track and field team warms up on the track at Murdock Stadium on Wednesday, Nov. 1. (Greg Fontanilla | Warrior Life)

Student-athletes don’t just carry around books, writing materials and laptops. They also carry items to keep up with items for training for their respective sports. Warrior Life interviewed El Camino College student-athletes to find out what they have in their training bags. Here are the top five items Warrior Life discovered!

1) Training shoes

For freshman Payton Garrison, an outside hitter and opposite hitter on the volleyball team, a pair of Nike’s Kyrie shoe line for the volleyball court is preferred. She prefers Kyries because of the stability it has to offer and allows a good bounce.

2) Headphones

Ami Jacobson, a sophomore on the cross-country team, keeps headphones in her bag.

3) Hydration container

Water. Electrolytes. These are crucial components for proper bodily recovery but can’t be consumed without a container. Returning softball player Malia Martin prefers to haul around a Hydroflask container.

4) Snacks

Another must when it comes to nutrition is food consumed to fuel workouts. Protein bars are a favorite among athletes since they are always on the go. Sophomore Tana Wynia, a midfielder on the soccer team, prefers Kind protein bars, “You never know when you’re going to be hungry,” Wynia said.

5) Pre-wrap

Long hair can be a nuisance for athletes, but there’s a simple solution:

Prewrap. It has many purposes, but soccer players Ariana Ramirez and Allison Sibley use it to keep their hair tied back when they’re on the field to keep their hair from flailing during practices or games.

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