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Women’s basketball team remains undefeated, earns another win against Cypress

As the women’s basketball team did their layup drills, blood pumping, bass heavy songs like “Want Her” by DJ Mustard, “Lick” by Cardi B, and “Money Convo” by 21 Savage permeated the air.

Each song, regardless of the lyrics, exuded the same attitude, which is to be victorious, successful, and undefeated.

This attitude was obviously shared by the Warriors as they soundly defeated the Cypress Chargers, 67-57, to earn their sixth straight win of the season on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at the EC North Gym.

During the first quarter, EC managed to start out ahead with a fruitful two point shot and a successful free throw for a 3-0 lead.

However, EC would have to step up their scoring average as Cypress ended up coming out ahead of EC 6-8 by the end of the first.

By the second quarter, EC did in fact step up their scoring average by scoring 50 percent of their two point field goals, 40 percent of their three point field goals, and 100 percent of their free throws.

This brought the Warriors up 29 -18 by halftime, a huge sign that EC really wanted this game for themselves, and to continue their triumphant zero loss streak.

Amid the third quarter, Cypress attempted to close and possibly overtake EC on the scoreboard. The closest the Chargers ever came to regaining the lead was by three points at the end of the third with EC still leading 44-41.

By the fourth quarter, EC maintained a healthy lead, by scoring seven points in the first three minutes of the fourth quarter, the Warriors did what any good warrior would, stay ahead of their competition.

This would result in a 67-57 win for the EC women’s basketball team and although the team did come out of the game unbeaten, EC head coach Steve Shaw does acknowledge the Chargers’ efforts.

“I thought Cypress, from what I’ve seen (from) them so far this year, I thought they played really well,” Shaw said. “I thought they did what they wanted to do, and so they gave (themselves) a chance.”

Even though she is content with the victory, sophomore forward Amiete Nyingifa does recognize some ways her team could become better as well.

“Right now, I think our team needs to improve on not settling,” Nyingifa said. “(We need) to keep fighting, and keep persevering and to never let up because you never know.”

Still, a win is a win, and it’s really important, especially as a team, at least, according to sophomore forward Kayla Bibb it is.

“Just winning the game as a team is what really matters to me,” Bibb said. “Just pulling it out at the end.”

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