COVID-19 cases continue to ramp up

Six new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the El Camino College campus, bringing the total number of cases to 535.

An email sent by El Camino College’s Office of Marketing and Communications on May 20 says the cases were confirmed that same day, with the individuals testing positive from May 17-19 and were last seen on campus April 6, May 7 and 11.

The individuals did not reveal any close contacts and tested both on and off campus. There was no mentioning of cleaning in the email.

The infected individuals have or are observing the minimum 10-day at-home isolation period but can return to campus earlier if found asymptomatic and test negative the fifth day of isolation.

These new cases now bring the total amount of cases for the month of May to 31 cases, more cases than March and April combined.

These six cases come two days after the most recent COVID-19 update was sent by Marketing and Communications on May 18.

El Camino students and employees are asked to continue following the directions given by public health and elected officials during the COVID-19 outbreak, including Health Officer Muntu Davis’ most recent orders from Los Angeles County and the State of California.