Health Services announce “Interpersonal Reflections” workshop series

Student Health Services at El Camino College has announced a new “Interpersonal Reflections” weekly workshop series, beginning Thursday, April 29.

According to a post on the Canvas dashboard sent by ECC officials on April 26, Interpersonal Reflections is a series of group discussions where participants can learn how to improve their communication skills and also learn about both self-intimacy and self-reflection.

According to the Zoom sign up page, the workshop is described as a therapeutic, as well as educational, allowing students to learn and get support from the workshop.

The series of workshops will be an open group discussion that’s available for free to anyone who attends and are required to uphold and honor confidentiality throughout each workshop session.

Each workshop will be held every Thursday for the next seven weeks, except for May 15, starting April 29 at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Participants must register for the events.