Community competes to build the best robots


El Camino student Joseph Dean, middle, shows off lightsabers made by 3D-printing, during the Robotics Exhibition in the ITEC Building, on Wednesday, Dec. 7. (Raphael Richardson | The Union)

El Camino College’s Industry & Technology Division hosted a Robotics Exhibition gathering the attention of the community to see the inventions of students and employees on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Over five inventors showcased their projects, created by each inventor, as well as a project board that featured the purpose and design process for creating the robot. The winner would receive a grand prize.

Mechanical engineering major Joseph Dean created 3D-printed lightsabers and other small projects that he displayed to those walking by.

“This is our first semester and have achieved a lot and have made a big impact on students and new supporters,” Dean said. “El Camino offers us a perfect opportunity to try out projects and see what works through the clubs that the robotics team has created.”

Jason Irie displays his robot and project board behind him with instructions on how he created his robot and a backstory of what got him into robotics. (Khallid Muhsin | The Union)

Computer science major Jason Irie, 18, saw various new ideas from other inventors at this event that he would like to incorporate into his personal projects and what he would like to incorporate in his future designs.

“[At] today’s robotics event, I enjoyed showcasing my robot and socializing with others about technology in robotics,” Irie said. “This event, allowed me to practice my ideas and present for future events and job interviews to express my ideas.”