Meet the newly elected ASO members

On May 13, The El Camino College Associated Student Organization released their election decision after a three-day voting process.

Current Associated Students Organization Director of Student Services and President-elect Jana Abulaban, a 17-year-old psychology major said that while the official elected position begins in fall 2022, “we start a little earlier in the summer so that we can start appointing new members.”

In the meantime, Abulaban has been planning out her position.

The position of President comes with many duties like meeting with the President of the college and other administrators and departments, giving Associated Students Organization (ASO) updates, putting on events and filling other roles that might need filling, Abulaban said.

During her time in ASO, Abulaban said she began as the Commissioner of Academic Affairs and has been attending committees around campus such as the college curriculum committee before becoming the Director of Student Services.

“ASO works on a lot of initiatives,” Abulaban said, “I just wanted to be part of these great things ASO is doing to help the students and provide a better life for them. I wanted to become President because I enjoy being a student voice and I want to provide student representation.”

As President, Abulaban aims to achieve more safety on campus and to work on initiatives like the social justice center and students with disabilities.

As for her feelings about being elected, Abulaban said that she looks at it as an opportunity to make progress and achieve many different things.

Current Commissioner of Human Resources and elected Student Trustee Sidney Lee, a 19-year-old Environmental Science major, said that the role of Student Trustee carries a lot of weight for directly impacting the student experience.

“Many of my responsibilities will be bringing up current issues that students are facing to the Board of Trustees,” Lee said, “I’ll be talking about issues that need to be changed or revised.”

Lee was drawn to the Associated Students Organization from its sense of community and from the knowledge you obtain about the college. Her passion for advocacy also played its role in being involved in ASO.

“I’m interested in advocacy, I’ve been interested in it since high school and I feel that El Camino could really benefit from that.”

One of Lee’s goals is centered around student outreach and letting them know about the various resources available at El Camino College, such as the Warrior Pantry.

Kika Akpenyi, a 19-year-old Biology major and newly-elected ASO member and Director of Student Services, said that she is excited to advocate for different possible positions and opportunities that make students’ lives easier.

From her past work in student government in Nigeria and volunteering at the Warrior Pantry, Akpenyi understands what it’s like to work for and provide for students.

“Being in ASO, I’d like to give everyone the chance to simply be involved and to let students know about events and to make things accessible,” Akpenyi said, “something that I promised my voters is that I’ll always do my best within the power that I’m given.”

After their time at El Camino, Abulaban plans to go to law school to become an attorney, Lee aims to become involved in sustainability and Akpenyi hopes to go to medical school to follow her passions.

For a list of the remaining newly-elected ASO members and their cabinet roles, click here.