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Student government elections come to a close; student trustee position won by four votes

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El Camino’s student organization has some new heads in charge after ASO elections results were posted on Friday, May 12.

While just about every position for the Associated Students Organization was won by a landslide, the Student Trustee position was won by just four votes.

Newly elected Student Trustee Andrew Leon, 22, biology major, had 107 votes compared to Kongdy Lam, 18, business administration major, who received 103 votes.

“I felt this was going to be very hard to campaign,” Leon said. “Because they didn’t submit my petition by the deadline. I felt that it would be really close and I had some feeling that I might not win because it was down to the wire.”

Lam ended up securing the Director of Finance position leading that race with 100 votes.

The ASO presidential race was won by Tiffany Ushijima, 20, business administration major, who won by being unopposed with 290 votes, according to the election results.

“I feel happy and I feel really excited about this upcoming year and I have some good ideas,” Ushijima said.

Ushijima said that her main duties are to run the ASO executive cabinet and she’s hoping to create more events and improve annual ones like Finals Madness to get students more interested.

Alec Johnson, 19, business administration major, won the VP position unopposed with 284 votes, according to the election results.

“It definitely feels humbling that there’s such a big turnout for this school and that I did get as many votes as I did,” Johnson said.

Johnson considers himself a non-traditional candidate because he’s never been in the ASO before, but I’m going to use my prior experience with past clubs and other organizations that I’ve been in to bring in a new fresh look into what things we can do at EC.

Johnson added that the write-in portion of the ballots weighed heavily in the student trustee vote.

“I think that both Kongdy and Andrew did a good job campaigning,” Johnson said. “I thought it was an absolutely close race and I don’t think it was anything personal. But it was just a showing of how much student involvement there was in the actual election.”

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Student government elections come to a close; student trustee position won by four votes