Safety talks a big notion at Academic Senate Meeting

Safety concerns on campus was addressed during the Academic Senate Meeting in the Distance Education Center on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Academic Senate President Kristie Daniel-DiGregorio asked professors, who attended the meeting, if the “emergency drills” are an effective way to teach students how to act if there was an active shooter on campus.

“Students suggested training in order to prepare themselves for real emergencies that might happen,” DiGregorio said.

Jennifer Gallagher, English professor felt that there should be more emergency drills in the future, due to it’s “successful feedback” by the students.

“The student’s response to these drills were successful,” Gallagher said. “There should be more of these drills in the future.”

Gallagher suggested that the Nixle alerts should also have a followup to what’s happening after because students “don’t know what’s going on after.”

Career Counselor Yamonte Cooper, suggested that classrooms should have a panic button in order to expedite a call for help during a stressful event.

“When a student or professor is in shock, they don’t think about extension numbers,” Cooper said. “They only think about getting help as quick as possible.”

Cooper also mentioned that the way to Lot F can get “dangerous” at night due to limited lighting.

Gallagher also said that walking at night can be dangerous for students who are currently taking night classes at El Camino College.

“Students feel unsafe walking alone at night,” she said. “I suggested to my night class students to walk in pairs or to take a shuttle to their cars.”

EC student Kevin Nguyen, 21, physics major, said he feels unsafe at times due to limited security at night.

“Whenever I’m walking back to my car after my night class, I rarely see any campus police around,” he said. “There should be more campus police stationed around where students are taking classes.”