Electrical box shorts out in Lot F

Update: 1:52 p.m on Feb. 3. Minor changes have been made to this story.

Shortly after the power outage affected the El Camino campus, there was a report of a fire in the two-story parking structure, Lot F. An electrical box near one of the stairwells of Lot F was on fire, but the staff on scene were able to put it out before it spread.

Due to the fire affecting the electrical boxes, it is believed to be the cause of the campus-wide blackout.

“We’re currently investigating what wires were melted, so we can replace them and get the problem fixed fast,” Assistant Director of Facilities Bob Brobst said.

The lot was briefly taped off, causing drivers to have to drive around the aisles to get through, but it was cleared off and opened up within a half-hour.