Variety of Dances to be presented at Upcoming Fall Advance Dance Concert


Dancers perform a piece called “Love in Pieces” during the Fall Advanced Dance Concert rehearsals in the Campus Theatre on Tuesday, Nov. 19. Mari Inagaki/The Union

The Fall Advance Dance Concert is a dance performance produced by El Camino faculty and students. Dance styles include a mix of ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, and lyrical.

The Concert will be shown from Thursday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 24 at the Campus Theater.

“It’s an eclectic concert. You have ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, temporary. It’s a full mix,” said dance professor, Daniel Berney. “We intend to make it that way so that there is something for everybody.”

Berney explained how the dance choreography is split about evenly between faculty lead choreography and student choreographed dances.

The performers come from different backgrounds. Some performers are dance majors, others are taking dance class(es) or come from a professional dance background, Berney told the Union.

Berney said the main take away he hopes the audience will receive from the concert is to be able to appreciate and understand the messages the dancers are trying to convey throughout the show.

Ticket Prices:

Students: $15.00

General Public: $15.00

Staff and Faculty: $15.00


Campus Theatre


16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90506

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