Art Gallery to exhibit ‘Vanishing Boundaries’

“Vanishing Boundaries” is the next exhibit that will be featured in the El Camino Art Gallery beginning Oct. 10 – Nov. 3 by Ann Page, an associate professor at Roski School of Art and Design, and George Page, Susanna Meiers, Art Gallery director, said in an email.

Ann and George Page have been long-time artists who, as the years go by, show change in how they present their work. From the presentation of drawings and sculpting, along with the material that is being used.

According to Meiers, Anna has worked on 2D pieces along with different materials before working on her 3D work and her most current pieces of art feature both multi-dimensional and flat pieces.

Alongside Anna is George, who’s art pieces are more paintings and sculptures, which will also be seen in the “Vanishing Boundaries” exhibit.

“Viewing their work there will be a sense of change and seeing how their work will interact with each person viewing it,” Meiers said.