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Feeling the Blues: Studio Jazz Band takes inspiration from the classics

Taking inspiration from jazz legends Patrick Williams, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis, the El Camino Studio Jazz Band captivated concert-goers on Monday, May 22.

The 18-member band delivered some of jazz’s greatest hits, composed of two sets, to a small but uplifting crowd at Marsee Auditorium.

Director David Sills planned out the sets.

“We tried to even out the performances,” Sills said. “We started on a high, then we went mellow, and finished it out at an upbeat.”

Many members performed solos and features, including a saxophone performance of “Jeep’s Blue” by saxophonist Joe Rieder and a Miles Davis cover of “The Maid of Cadiz” by trumpeter Henry Mitchell.

However, the performer with the most features was Alex Lui, a saxophonist attending California State University Long Beach.

Lui started off the set with a solo on “The Jody Grind” by Horace Silver. A couple of songs later he changed from a saxophone to a clarinet for a feature on the cover of “Don’t Be That Way” by Benny Goodman.

“My favorite part is performing,” Lui said. “I just love playing, and I’m glad to have been such an important part of the concert.”

The crowd also felt part of the performance, clapping each time a player finished their respective solos.

Business major Pedro Martins attended the jazz concert for the first time and left with gratitude.

“I loved every song that they performed,” Martins said. “My favorite part was probably watching the drummer, as I felt like he was such an essential part of each song.”

The drummer is high school student Phia Papouchado, who will attend USC next year and was praised by Sills.

“I hope that he comes back to play with us,” Sills said. “Maybe not next semester, but maybe when he settles in [at USC].”

Papouchado is taking the class to gain some experience.

“As long as someone knows how to play an instrument,” Sills said. “We will welcome them to the program, no matter what their experience with big bands is.”

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