Students share what their favorite class is this semester

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Meghan Dorhan

Meghan Dorhan, 18, shared that her favorite class this semester is “child development because I love kids, so it’s perfect.” Dorhan is a liberal studies major in her first year at ECC.

Kaveon Wilson

Kaveon Wilson, of Hawthorne, California, said his favorite class is “(three-dimensional) design because it’s different from what I did my whole life.” Wilson has always drawn on paper and created two-dimensional things. In his current class, Wilson is working in a specific computer program.

Shante Jackson

Shante Jackson, 32, has enjoyed her cosmetology class with Professor Winfree. “The structure that she has makes for a better learning experience. (Professor Winfree) has a lot of knowledge and experience in the hair industry,” Jackson said.

Justin Loop

Justin Loop, 18, is an accounting major and his favorite class is math. Loop’s instructor “makes learning fun and is very communicative,” Loops said.

“He tries to be funny in math and makes his students enjoy their time in class,” Loops said.


Emily Le

Emily Le, 17-year-old biology major, said that her favorite class is trigonometry because math is easy for her to understand and it’s fun.

Ashley Cadenas

Ashley Cadenas, 18, is undecided on her major because she’s still not sure what her passion is. Her favorite class is human development because her instructor gives the students “the opportunity to succeed”. She also said that “it feels like high school all over again” which is another reason why Cadenas likes this class.

Sarai Partida

Sarai Partida is an 18-year-old nursing student. Partida’s favorite class is sociology because it’s her “easier class” and she appreciates the way her professor teaches.

Contributers: Roseana Martinez, Justin Bell, Giselle Morales, and Alexa Kinoshita


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