Students review the food on campus

The Union Staff asked El Camino College students how they feel about the food on campus.

Cesar Gonzalo

Cesar Gonzales, 19, nursing major, says that he has not tried the food on campus and usually eats at home on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018. Photo credit: Esteban Mendez

Cesar Gonzalo, 19, nursing major, resident of Redondo Beach said he has not eaten on campus yet but “looks good though.”

“I usually eat at home because I’m not on campus often,” Gonzalo said.


Mateo Delgado-Betz

Mateo Delgado-Betz, 18, computer information systems major, says the sandwiches and breakfast foods are his favorite things to eat on campus on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018. Photo credit: Esteban Mendez

Mateo Delgado-Betz, 18, Computer Information Systems, resident of Redondo Beach said the sandwiches and breakfast foods were his favorite meals to have at El Camino College.

Delgado-Betz said that he eats on campus because it is convenient.


Eric Ramirez

Eric Ramirez, 18, undeclared major, is sitting by at the lunch tables in front of Cafe Camino on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018 Photo credit: Esteban Mendez

Eric Ramirez, 19, major undeclared, resident of Inglewood said the burgers from Cafe Camino were his favorite food to have at El Camino College.

Ramirez said he preferred to eat on campus because the, “food places around are kinda mediocre.”

Melissa Rodriquez

Melissa Rodriguez 22-year-old Liberal Studies Major
Melissa Rodriguez, 22, liberal studies major is holding a food container and half of an avocado at the common grounds area on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Melissa Rodriquez a 22-year-old liberal studies major used to eat on campus food but prefers to bring her own meals nowadays.

She cooks all her meals at home and they usually consist of fish, chicken, rice, and veggies.

“There’s no options for me, well for my personality and my goals,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is on a diet and said there is “no way” she could eat the food available on campus food.

“Health is like so unimportant, it’s unimportant you can tell here,” Rodriguez said.


Gloria Ruiz

Gloria Ruiz 28-year-old Pyschology major
Gloria Ruiz, 28, pyschology major, has a plate of sushi and a green tea drink on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Gloria Ruiz a 28-year-old psychology major used to buy the musubis they used to sell on campus but now satisfies her craving at Wasabi Sushiya.

She usually gets either two musubis or a California roll and a green tea from the Japanese restaurant across the street.

“I wish they had this on campus,” Ruiz said.


Ashly Cortez

Ashly Cortez
Ashly Cortez, 20, radiology major is sitting at a lunch table next to the Arts Building on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Ashly Cortez a 20-year-old radiology major said she misses the Thai tea they used to sell on campus.

A lot of students lost their favorite menu items after El Camino got a new food vendor.

“I’m just upset there’s no more Thai tea,” Cortez said.

Cortez plans to replace her favorite drink with a cup of Peet’s Coffee.

“Now I guess I will just get coffee. I do prefer coffee,” Cortez said.

Nicole Caseres


Nicole Caseres, 29, is a returning student with a bachelor’s degree and is taking graphic design class.

Caseres said the food is healthier and less expensive.

Caseres added that the main reason she wanted to try the Cafe Camino was because there is a vegetarian and vegan menu.

Steve Ramos

Steve Ramos, 18, arts and engineering major said he preferred the vending machines outside Cafe Camino because he saves time and money by not going inside the cafe.

Devon Vincent

Devon Vincent, 24, liberal studies major said that she does not usually buy food at El Camino College anymore due to the long lines.

When hungry, Vincent said she buys food at the book store for her go to snack; Sun Chips.

Otherwise she chooses to eat off campus.

“I would much rather go to Chicken Maison,” Vincent said.

Emerson Clinton

Electrical Engineering major Emerson Clinton, 18, said he hasn’t tried the food on campus.

It is not that he has not wanted to but the food trucks are consistently busy, he said.

Clinton said he preferred something light for his meal and that the campus should offer more “health conscious” choices.

Clinton added that El Camino College should allow fruit vendors to sell their products on campus.

Jessica Voce

Biochemistry major Jessica Voce, 19, said she noticed there has been renovations on campus.

Voce said she does not commonly eat food on campus but has tried the fries this year and the pasta last year.

She did not have the best experience with last year’s food and that it even led to stomach pain, she said.

Voce has been tempted to try the new food offered this year but is dealing with the same issue many other students are having; the lines are very long.

Voce said she prefered to eat at Chicken Maison or Subway, across the street from El Camino College due to the lines being so long.



Contributors: Esteban Mendez, Kevin Caparoso, Gena Weaver, and Fernando Haro