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Then and now with the professors of El Camino

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El Camino has a vast array of teaching talent available to every student and the professors are seasoned professionals with varying specialties throughout their careers. Some professors have had a dedicated length of service for spanning over three decades. Here are five professors who bring talent and passion to their students at El Camino, as well as before and after photos (following their bio).

Corey Stanbury: 65, (PE/Kinesiology, Coach), who has been teaching at El Camino for over 29 years teaching full-time. Stanbury maintains a work like balance in his coaching and teaching schedule which includes aquatics, weight-training and water aerobics among other classes. Stanbury was inspired to become a teacher while in college himself where, “I enjoyed Water Polo classes and began to take the sport seriously. As I began taking coaching classes to prepare for a career in coaching,” Stanbury said.

coach & family.jpg

Hanging in his campus office, Coach Corey Stanbury keeps a family photo of himslelf and daughters, taken circa 1991. From left, are daughters Tracy now 27, and Ashley now 31. The picture is hanging above Coach Stanbury’s desk on the bulletin board. Stanbury has been coaching at El Camino College for 29 years, and overall for 43 years. Photo by Cindi Arrata


Coach Stanbury has been coaching at El Camino College for 29 years, and overall for 43 years. He started coaching in the city of Santa Barbara in 1974. Photo by Cindi Arrata

Rebecca Donegan: 64, (Geography, Professor), who has been teaching at El Camino for six years in the Geography and Natural Sciences Department where she teaches physical and cultural geography. Donegan was inspired to pursue a teaching career by her mother and her late daughter who passed away while working on the police force. This lead to Donegan going to college at 50 to become a teacher. Donegan even fells passionate about El Camino and its role in educating its students to the level of graduation and earning their degrees. Donegan is even a member of the Los Angeles, Geographical Society.

Ms. Donegan Past Photo.JPG

Ms. Donegan (left) Graduating High School class of 1970.

Rebecca Donegan, now

Photo credit: Shontel Leake

Xocoyotzin Herrera: 45, (History and Ethnic Studies Professor), who is going onto four years teaching at El Camino, in the Social Sciences Bldg. Herrera teaches Chicano studies which is the study of Mexican culture and History part-time at Cal – State Northridge. Herrera was inspired to teach by his father who is a professor at Cal – State Northridge Chicano studies department for the last 45 years. Herrera and his father are also musicians who teaches the regional music of Mexico.

Young Mr. Herrera.PNG

Mr. Herrera Picture.JPG

Arthur Verge: 60, (U.S. and Calif. History, Professor), has been teaching at El Camino for 28 years. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara MPA and he also earned a Ph.D. from USC (University Southern Calif.) He was inspired to become a teacher by his father Arturo Verge, who was a lifeguard and Dick Dodge a professor of English that taught him the joy of reading and writing. Professor Verge enjoys extracurricular activities with his students, at the “Old Town Music Hall,” in El Segundo where students watch black and white silent movies accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ pianist.

Mr. Verge past self.png

Arthur Verge (Left)

Arthur Verge, El Camino History teacher

Arthur Verge is an El Camino History teacher of 28 years, who's is enjoying a 5-month long Sabbatical to do research in his field. Lunch at Bangkok Sapphires, Torrance on September 20th Photo credit: Marlena Keenan

Jack Gill: 74, (Math 12, 23, 40, 73, 80, and Statistics, Math 150, Instructor), for 24 years part-time at El Camino. He has also taught Math previously at Miami Dade College, and authored six math college books including “Algebra for College Students.” Inspired by his middle school teacher the late Verna Kimler, who he says worked her magic and teaching skills to inspire him to want to be a teacher himself. Gill is so passionate about teaching, he had actually retired but was persuaded by then Dean of Math and Science, Irv Drew to come out of retirement and teach part-time at El Camino.

Young Mr. Gill Picture.JPG

Jack Gill Present Picture.JPG

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Then and now with the professors of El Camino