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The Learning Resource Center continues to ‘facilitate improvement’

After 5 p.m. on a Tuesday evening, most people had already begun to leave for the day. But on the second floor of the Schauerman Library, students sit around tables with the florescent lights buzzing above them, deciphering, with their tutor, a difficult math problem or another academic puzzle.

The Learning Resource Center, located in Room 110, is regarded by students as having multiple benefits and a wealth of resources.

“It’s free,” John Imai, 36, geology major, said. “You can touch just about any subject you may need help in – it’s all right here.”

Sheryl Kunisaki, Assistant Director of The Learning Resource Center, said that while there is general, multi-subject tutoring, they have a lot of students coming for math and writing, most likely because those courses have the most number of sections.

While many people go in for the popular subjects, they also go to work on other disciplines, Korina Alvarado, 22, sociology major, said.

“People also come a lot for anatomy to check out the models and study for their exams,” Alvarado said.

Patrick Martinez, 23, English and psychology major, said that in addition to coming to the Learning Resource Center for math tutoring, he also comes in to use the computer lab to complete his Spanish online homework.

Kunisaki said that they have a website where students can go to find information. They also reach out to students through the student email accounts whenever there is a tutor available for a class they are enrolled in.

“If we have an oceanography tutor, I send an email to students in the oceanography classes to let them know,” Kunisaki said.

The Learning Resource Center has a good track record of facilitating improvement in academic performance, Kunisaki said.

“It’s not just the grades, though the grades are a measurable factor,” Kunisaki said, “But students who come in here have received new information on how to study.”

Kunisaki said faculty members must recommend a student in order for that student to be hired as a tutor.

“It’s nice for students who think they want to move forward in education. It’s something nice to put on a resume,” Kunisaki said, “I started as a tutor when I was younger. It was my first taste to see what it would be like in a world of education.”

Students who go for tutoring also serve as a tutor to others. Imai said that in addition to coming in to be tutored, he works at the Learning Resource Center as a geography tutor.

Kunisaki said that they also have an online tutoring service through an outside vendor that is free for students.

“Students can go to when a student needs assistance at home and a living tutor is not available,” Kunisaki said.

Martinez said that when it comes to success in school, the only way to succeed is to put yourself out there.

“Success takes commitment and effort,” Martinez said, “If you give this a chance, the outcome will be a positive outcome.”

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