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Killer of former student deserves his punishment

By Phil Sidavong

September 28, 2016

40 years to life is too lenient for killing a man in cold blood.Jordan Joseph, the 18-year-old convicted killer of Kody Ryan Cook, a former El Camino student, was sentenced Tuesday morning to 40 years to life in prison on charge...

Summer made me forget my boring birthday

By Alex Torres

September 21, 2016

Sept. 21 is the last day of summer, so staff writer Alex Torres shares his memory of summer 2016.This past April I turned 21.Was I on my way to Las Vegas to drink legally? Nope. I had to work a 10 hour shift at my lame retail j...

‘Ghosting’ is a terrible epidemic

By Jimmy Nguyen

September 21, 2016

I walked into my new math class during the spring semester of 2015, and introduced myself to a rather attractive woman.The things that took place between she and I were great. I got her number and we went on several dates.I c...

Brock Turner wouldn’t be popular at El Camino

By Christina Lyon

September 7, 2016

Former Stanford University student and convicted sex offender Brock Turner, 21, was released early on good behavior from Santa Clara County Jail on Friday, Sept. 2, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times from Aug. 30...

Tough friends are hard to find

By Jed Fernandez

May 5, 2016

Throughout life you meet people that make a significant impact on your life for better or for worse. If you are lucky enough, you will find people that will make you a better person and when you do find them, try hard to hold on...

What I learned… as a functioning alcoholic

By Phil Sidavong

May 5, 2016

My best friend to this day, once asked me to drink with him when we were 16. I told him it was about time I stopped drinking because we were young and most importantly: I started drinking alcohol at the age of 14. I had the...

Procrastinate to be great

By Sydnie Mills

April 28, 2016

Procrastination is a choice. If you're like me then you know all too well about the panic that sets in, the stress that builds and the relief that comes from finishing assignments or projects moments before they're due. I call th...

The struggle is real

By Eric Ramos

April 28, 2016

I overheard a student on campus say "the struggle is real" after forgetting to ask for mayonnaise and mustard packets for the turkey sandwich he just purchased. For me, the struggle is real when you have two jobs, are a part-ti...

What I learned…attending Coachella 2016

By Phil Sidavong

April 20, 2016

During the day there's a vast land of lush, green grass full of people from different cultures, backgrounds and even continents. The desert heat is intense, and the people are somewhat sober.The music is blaring.At night, the...

Minimum wage increase will soon cause a nationwide movement for better or worse

By Jed Fernandez

April 14, 2016

Last week the states of New York and California both passed laws that will increase the raise of minimum wage to $15 an hour over the course of the next few years in each respective state. The current minimum wage in Californi...

Faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful

By Phil Sidavong

April 8, 2016

"Bros before hoes."Such a phrase has been coined for the sole purpose of letting your friends know that they are more important than the woman, or significant other, in your life.But there is no reason for a friend to let a friend ...

‘Batman v. Superman’; more like critics vs. audiences

By Grant Hermanns

April 8, 2016

After nearly 15 years of development and multiple versions of a script, the long-awaited "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has arrived, and its reception has gotten a lot of media attention due to the wide gap between the au...

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