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There should be indoor dining on campus

By Kealoha Noguchi

April 24, 2019

Throughout the day students are going from class to class. One of the most important things for them is to eat and sometimes grab something quick from a local dining place on campus.However, each campus food option only an has ou...

Broken into my house, broken into my mind

By Oscar Macias

April 24, 2019

It was a normal day in January. Woke up at 7 a.m., drank my coffee and went to work. I got there, greeted my manager and started just another day.At 2 p.m., my shift ended and it was finally time for me to go home. The usual ...

Four-year schools aren’t always the way to go

By Rosemary Montalvo

April 16, 2019

Attending a community college never seriously crossed my mind while I was in high school.I attended a high school that drilled going to college into our brain since day 1 of freshman year.There was always this negative stigma ...

Let’s make life easier for ride-share drivers

By Devyn Smith

March 27, 2019

Before I got my license, I commuted to El Camino College by using Uber. Talking is one of my pastimes, so I would usually make conversation with the driver. The first topic of conversation was usually about EC, and I noticed th...

Moving to a new country created a difficult language barrier and culture shock

By Anna Podshivalova

March 13, 2019

In my hometown of Moscow, Russia I had lots of friends. I didn’t even have enough time to meet everyone but everything changed after my move to the U.S.I wanted to learn the English language and get an international education...

Society does not define when women should have children

By Diamond Brown

March 13, 2019

There is so much societal pressure on women to hurry up and have children before they get too old as their “biological clock” starts ticking. I’m 26 years old and married with no children. I am not trying to hav...

Worried is an Understatement

By Omar Rashad

February 25, 2019

Just 11 days into the new year, my Twitter timeline was flooded with Bay Area journalists’ tweets—only this time it wasn’t because of lauded reporting or the announcement of a promotion. The East Bay Express, a weekly...

The Union is here to serve you

By Fernando Haro

February 23, 2019

In December of 1946, the El Camino College News was created at a local high school since EC had to be finished being built. The passing months would go on to reveal a brand new campus and name change to the newspaper (The Warwhoop). Now,...

YouTube Made Me Cheat

By Kaylynn Myles

January 30, 2019

It was my 20th birthday, November 7, the day I shaved my bra strap length hair to the scalp.My hair felt like I made it the side chick and my wigs the main chick. So my hair getting dry and unhealthy was its message to me saying, &#...

The balancing act of a working student

By Alexa Kinoshita

December 10, 2018

I’m 19, tired, and I barely have enough money to buy myself a “Mango-A-Go-Go” smoothie from Jamba Juice once a week.As students at a community college, we are all forced to make the toughest decisions on what w...

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