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Los Angeles native reaches No. 1 on iTunes

By sebastian spencer

March 5, 2014

Filed under Arts, Reviews

”Gangsta! Gangsta! Gangsta!” yells Schoolboy Q on the opening track of his highly anticipated debut album “Oxymoron.” A good friend of Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, can put a lot of pressure with the success that L...

Inglorious art bastards

By Rigo Bonilla

February 10, 2014

Filed under Arts, Reviews

"There is no must in art because art is free," painter Wassily Kandinsky once said. In the recently released movie "The Monuments Men," starring George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon and Bill Murray, amongst other stars,...

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

By Russell Lewis

September 27, 2013

Filed under Arts, Reviews

The Grand Theft Auto Series is as much a cultural entity as it is a great video game franchise. People preorder the games because of their love for the past games in the franchise, and even though there have only been four games since...

‘White House Down’ isn’t good enough to be bad

By Rigo Bonilla

July 21, 2013

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Over-the-top action movies usually aren't known for substance, but there is a sub-genre of great bad movies that attain cult status. “White House Down,” starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, has many of the factors ...

Drake’s new album ‘Take Care’ already tops music charts

By Matt Simon, Staff Writer

November 15, 2011

Filed under Arts, Reviews

After claiming his spot as one of the best artists around after his debut album, “Thank Me Later,” his fans had very high expectations for his sophomore album, “Take Care.” Drake, the Canadian actor turned rap superstar,...

Disputable sex researcher is back

By Garinee Akmakjian

November 17, 2004

Filed under Arts, Reviews

What are your favorite sex positions? How many sexual partners have you had? What is your sexual orientation? These may sound like taboo questions, but in the film "Kinsey" it was the major topic of interest. "Kinsey" is a...

Rhythm and blues legend live on

By Lydia Kim

November 3, 2004

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Hit after hit, Grammy after Grammy, you're the hottest sensation in the music industry, but does it guarantee you happiness? Does the accomplishment guarantee you a sense of peace within yourself? Taylor Hackford, who directed...

Guevara's work lives through film

By Noraly Hernandez

October 13, 2004

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Shirts, stickers and purses all stamped with the iconic photograph of Ernesto "Che" Guevara wearing a black beret is proof that the Argentinean revolutionary is still a potent symbol of rebellion. For anyone interested in...

'Shark slayer' overthrows reef

By Lydia Kim

October 6, 2004

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Everybody dreams of being a somebody, but how far would you go to obtain that dream? And once you obtain it, how far would you go to keep that dream? Directed by Vickey Jenson, "Shark Tale" is a Pixar-animated film that's laugh-out-loud...

Deaths of 2 children 'Forgotten'

By Laura Villalpando

September 29, 2004

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Losing a loved one can take years to recover, but what do you do when someone close to you tells you that this supposed loss never happened because this "dead" person never existed? Directed by Joseph Ruben, "The Forgotten"...

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