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Waves of Acheron approaching

By George Tsai

November 20, 2003

With director Peter Weir at the helm and Russell Crowe by his side, the movie, "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World," is a delightfully entertaining film. The first 15 minutes will suck you in and hold you until...

Two hours of hilarious jokes

By Jesse McCann

October 30, 2003

Mix in bouncing breasts, groin smashing and outrageous twists on some of the recent popular movies and you get a hilarious witch's brew of "Scary Movie 3". The movie succeeds at dishing out the comedy for an overall frightfully...

Raving with zombies is lame

By Irene Holmes

October 16, 2003

Digital copycat of the 1968 cult classic "The Night of the Living Dead," "House of the Dead" is a new version without the farmhouses. "House of the Dead" starts when Simon Cruz (Tyron Leitso) tells his friends Cynthia (Sonya...

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