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Review: ‘Jamaica House’

By Jerriel Biggles

February 9, 2016

As events for Black History Month come and go, El Camino's Marsee Auditorium was the site for "Jamaica House," a documentary by Alfred Gragg dealing with one of the biggest clubs to ever grace the hip-hop culture.The docum...

Review: ‘Into the Unknown: The Lewis And Clark Expedition’

By Hector Gonzalez

February 9, 2016

Into The Unknown is a historical educational movie about the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804. It's very informative and details the journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they explore the land that was bought by Th...

A lot of heart and familiar tropes in ‘The Good Dinosaur’

By Jerome Daniel Casio

November 30, 2015

In Pixar's latest, their second one this year, a lost boy and his four-legged friend go on an adventure as they make their way back home, running into deadly creatures, nutty hermits, cannibalistic evangelicals and tenacious co...

‘Mockingjay – Part 2’ brings franchise to a grim, violent close

By Jerome Daniel Casio

November 23, 2015

In 2012, "The Hunger Games" opened with general success by capturing the emotion, breadth and merciless violence, given its PG-13 rating.But with "Catching Fire," director Francis Lawrence's introduction to the franchise, the ...

‘Spectre’ takes away Craig’s grit

By Grant Hermanns

November 9, 2015

The James Bond franchise has always been known for its silly and ludicrous villains, its explosive and excessive action sequences and ridiculous plot lines. However, when the franchise was rebooted with its newest actor, Daniel Cr...

‘Spotlight’: Journalism at its best, clergy at its worst

By Jerome Daniel Casio

November 8, 2015

"Spotlight" is the journalism feature that's been long overdue. At the dawn of 2002, the Boston Globe rocked the nation as its investigative team Spotlight finally released its year-long project -- an expose on sexual abuse wi...

‘Scouts Guide’ is the wildest ride for Halloween

By Grant Hermanns

October 31, 2015

For those who feel like watching a movie on Halloween night, "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" is the perfect choice.The film follows three high-school sophomore boy scouts, Ben (Tye Sheridan), Carter (Logan Miller) and Augie ...

‘The Walk’ draws audiences out onto the wire

By Grant Hermanns

October 6, 2015

Biographical films seem to be a recent favorite of director Robert Zemeckis, and after the large success of his previous film "Flight," he adds another hit to his already successful career with his newest release, "The Walk."The ...

‘The Martian’ may strand its lead, but thrills its audiences

By Grant Hermanns

October 5, 2015

Ridley Scott is a name synonymous with the science-fiction genre, creating big hits such as "Alien," "Blade Runner" and "Prometheus." After the disappointments of his last two films, "The Counselor" and "Exodus: Gods and Kings," Scott returns to true form with his l...

‘Sicario’ boasts near-perfect performances onscreen and off

By Jerome Daniel Casio

October 1, 2015

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s new thriller, “Sicario,” opens with a rescue attempt led by FBI agent Kate Macer (played by Emily Blunt).She abruptly arrives in fashion — by crashing an armored truck through the front door — and swiftly do...

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