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Paparazzi incessantly invading

By Amber Jazmin

September 16, 2004

Jucy images of celebrities living their private lives are everywhere in tabloids and magazines. Who makes this possible? Only the paparazzi, eager and willing to get their exclusive photographs at any cost. But how far...

'Shrek' sequel needs work

By Geoff Nielsen

May 27, 2004

"Shrek 2" is colorful, lively and wonderful, but lacks the originality and creative energy of the first film. With over $500 million grossed on the first film, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood hopped on the...

Classic monsters gang up

By Jeff Todd

May 13, 2004

Ancient literary monsters combined with love, wit and action make "Van Helsing" the first amazing summer blockbuster to come out this year. A movie that has similarities between "James Bond" and "Indiana Jones," "Van Helsing"...

'Mean Girls' tops box office

By Evan Ortega

May 6, 2004

In Hollywood's latest venture into the teenage movie genre, "Mean Girls" is a well-written movie that anybody from teenagers to parents may enjoy. The movie provides plenty of laughs, satire, and insight into the seemingly...

Denzel goes crazy for kidnappers

By Martha Ramirez

April 29, 2004

Kidnapping, to many of us, is a foreign concept. However, to many people from Mexico it means living in constant fear. "Man on Fire" is a movie that captures your heart, yet stuns the viewers with the action in it. It is truly...

Comedy brings various emotions

By Jacqueline Barela

April 22, 2004

Hilarious musical numbers and gender-friendly jokes bring "Connie and Carla" to life. Life-long buddies Connie and Carla share the same dream of being famous dinner theater singers and performers, but their lives aren't moving...

'Taking Lives' third in Box Office

By Juliana Kung

March 25, 2004

No matter how well a person is at doing a certain thing, there will always be a certain time when that person will be beaten. In "Taking Lives," Angelina Jolie plays FBI agent Illeana Scott, successfully transforming her...

'Brighton Beach Memories' premieres

By Juliana Kung

March 25, 2004

Growing up can be a painful experience to some, while it can be a wonderful experience to others. "Brighton Beach Memoirs" is a story which indicates the process of growing up of Eugene Jerome (played by Christopher Tormo),...

Depp's acting not exciting enough

By Cristian Vasquez

March 18, 2004

With a good story line but a mediocre performance by Johnny Depp, "Secret Window," directed by David Koepp, is a slow movie with a predictable outcome that had the potential to be a great film. Depp's performance comes nothing...

Spears' tour less sexual than expected

By Juliana Kung

March 11, 2004

"Once you've checked in, you can't check out." After having said that sentence, the "Onyx Hotel Tour" of Britney Spears began Tuesday night the Staples Center. The setting of the concert, of course, was a hotel.It started...

Mel Gibson's Passion not crucified

By Wendalyn Lazarte

March 4, 2004

Heavy clouds dominating the skies, Ash Wednesday was the perfect day for the opening of one of the most controversial movies ever made: director Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." Members of churches were buying tickets...

'Missing' examines varied beliefs

By Cristian Vasquez

December 4, 2003

With very few action scenes and dialogue that isn't too complicated, "The Missing" is one of those movies that is very deep in context but not too amusing to the eye. A simple story line with various conflicts sprinkled...

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