Beyond peanuts and cracker jacks: Increasing sport event food options


Kim McGill | Special to The Union

El Camino College needs a wider variety of food concession stands made available for home games. The game experience can be enhanced with food options for the spectators, which The Union’s Editorial Board feels is lacking.

Firstly, food needs to be made available for all sports during El Camino home games because students and parents may be hungry after a long day and still manage to be in attendance for a game for their son, daughter or friend. According to beach volleyball coach LeValley Pattison, there are sports on campus that barely get food concession stands. 

Second, it would be beneficial for El Camino to generate revenue for the Athletics Department by expanding food concession stands to every sport. Popularity of a sport should not matter, or how well a team performs throughout the course of the season. 

Third, sports such as badminton and tennis do not garner enough spectators compared to football, which is a sport with high attendance. Sports with low attendance hardly get food concession stands, which The Union’s Editorial Board would like to see more of. 

More recently, at a home baseball game against Mt. San Jacinto, Chick-Fil-A was provided for spectators who were willing to pay for the meals during the regional playoffs.

 El Camino has a contract with Pacific Dining, which provides food for purchase at various events on campus. 

While it is uncertain if food concessions will be made available for every sport at El Camino, The Union’s Editorial Board has a few suggestions.

Setting up food concessions including food trucks or popular fast food chains like Chick-Fil-A should be an incentive to not only draw people in for food, but to also keep a steady number of attendance for sports that are hardly attended. 

El Camino should consider expanding Pacific Dining’s food options to every sport on campus, regardless of how high or low attendance is, especially sports that hardly gain a following from spectators including badminton and tennis.

Various food trucks from third-party vendors have been spotted on campus during the day.

For instance, “Thai Street Food,” a Thai food truck was recently seen by the Social Justice center handing out free food to students. Such food options should also be considered at every sport. 

In addition, Chick-Fil-A can grab the attention of those walking by on campus during a home game. 

The Union’s Editorial Board suggests making the popular fast food chain as one of the main food options available at the games, given the restaurant is within close proximity of the campus. In and Out Burger is another suggestion. 

For games such as football, which consistently draws in a crowd, In and Out, Chick-Fil-A, Pacific Dining, along with other third-party food vendors, should be made available, which will draw in more spectators. 

The full experience of a sporting event can come to fruition with a wider variety of food concessions for all sports during home games.