The do-it-all photographer

When it comes to the brilliant and creative Jamee Palmer, with every flicker of her shutter, outstanding photographs are born.

“Jamee, is a highly intelligent photographer. She is a matured student who demonstrates a great responsibility for her own education,” Darilyn Rowan, professor of photography, said.

Other instructors who work with Palmer first-hand echo the sentiment about her talent and personability.

“She’s very good with people. An outgoing, caring and responsible student,” Joyce Dallal, professor of fine arts, said. “She’s a lot of fun to have in class. She’s very enthusiastic with her work.”

“She has a good eye for people and she’s good at making people feel comfortable,” she added.

Palmer first started as a hair dresser at the age of 16 and recorded her art though photos.

“I been a hairdresser for 28 years and through that time I’ve taken photos of my work,” Palmer said.

More recently, Palmer has expanded the subject of her photos. She published a photography book “The Colors Of Flowers,” featuring beautiful stills.

“I like seeing my work in print,” Palmer said. “I like to garden and take pictures of the flowers that I grew.”

Palmer acknowledges that going to school at an older age can be a struggle but she still maintains a 4.0 GPA. while working and taking care of her two children.

“I am going to college as a non-traditional student. I have two children, 12 and 13. It’s hard being a parent and going to college,” Palmer said, “but I received two $1,000 scholarships.”

When Palmer isn’t working on her photos or schoolwork, she is helping run the digital print center, teaching students about the process of producing prints, or helping to book guest speakers for her classes.

“Jamee has helped bring guest speakers to campus and she helps run the digital print center on the second floor of the humanities art building,” Rowan said.

Palmer also works to bring art and photography to victims of domestic violence with the non-profit organization, A Window Between Worlds.

“I hope to use my photography and art as a healing tool for people who experience domestic violence,” Palmer said.

For all that know her, Palmer’s imaginable future is a brilliant one.

“It’s been an honor to be one of Jamee teachers, she learns quickly and works independently, which is also a very strong part of the student learning community,” Rowan said. “I consider myself fortunate to be one of her teachers.”