The El Camino community needs to take advantage of on-campus life


Luisa Paredes | Special to The Union

El Camino College is a diverse campus with a plethora of resources, services and opportunities.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Jacquelyn Sims told The Union that El Camino College will offer  50% online and 50% in-person split of fall courses.The Union strongly urges students, faculty and staff take to campus rather than continue to work online.

With World Back to Work aiding the campus entry process and with the COVID-19 Task Force passing mask and vaccine mandates, El Camino has been able to adapt to pandemic-related situations.

As students are now able to be on campus safely, the opportunity for academic growth in-person is now available and will benefit students.

Learning in-person is more constructive due to students’ direct participation and interaction with professors.

In-person attendance allows for sounder interactions and connections between students, faculty and staff, which have been deprived of since social distancing started.

When instructional faculty can easily evaluate student work, they are able to personally guide students, lead them to growth and witness their academic improvement over the semester.

Although learning management systems like Canvas can facilitate discussions among professors and students, there are delays in responses.

Learning within groups and studying with partners also pose a huge factor in student success and interest in a course, as students feed off each others thoughts and knowledge.

In-person classes are also more suitable for students who have insecure housing, lack resources or access to steady technology.

According to a report by the Public Policy Institute of California, 41% of low-income households still don’t have full digital access to both the internet and a device for educational purposes.

In-person resources such as accessible computers and tranquil study spaces offered in the Schauerman Library and tutoring hubs allow students to have less risk of falling behind.

Students are also less likely to cheat, plagiarize or procrastinate on assignments and examinations that are less internet reliant.

This challenges students’ critical thinking and avoids disadvantaging those with infrequent internet access from grades and learning they deserve.

Students, faculty and staff need to also take advantage of the resources, services, events and clubs on campus. 

Services such as counseling through Student Services, food from the Warrior Pantry and clothes from the Warrior Closet are back on campus and have zero cost.

For parenting students and staff, spaces on campus such as the “Mothering Room” in the Student Services Building are equipped for mothers to nurse or pump for their babies in privacy, as well as providing changing stations in restrooms. 

Students should also take advantage of different clubs where they can explore interests, network and form connections for their career or beyond academic goals.

In addition, theater and musical performances presented by El Camino’s Center for the Arts have also returned.

As the El Camino campus reopens more classes and services, students, faculty and staff must take advantage of these resources, as they ultimately lead to success in the long run.


Editor’s Note: Corrected illustrator name on June 9, 2022, at 10:23 a.m.