Life of Edgar Allan Poe to be depicted in a concert at Marsee Auditorium


EC music professor and composer William Doyle and baritone vocalist Anthony Moreno discuss the music program for the “Extraordinary Tales in Music” concert scheduled for May 17 in EC’s Marsee Auditorium. His love for Edgar Allan Poe inspired him to compose all of the music for the concert, Doyle said. Photo credit: Anna Podshivalova

The concert “Extraordinary Tales in Music” featuring original music by composer William E. Doyle will take place at 8 p.m., May 17, at El Camino College’s Marsee Auditorium.

The story follows the life of a young Edgar Allan Poe through a musical journey after he leaves the University of Virginia due to a lifestyle of drinking and gambling. And on his journey he ends up in Ireland where he meets his love, Lenore, according to the Resident Artist Series flyer dedicated to the event.

“I think it is going to be very exciting, I do not want to say that it is something that hasn’t been done before but it’s about how different the orchestra is now doing stuff–it is a multimedia,” Doyle said. “It is a concert-opera, while the music is taking place–we have a big screen in the background where we will be showing a video that will add to the mood of what is going on.”

Doyle believes the concert will be a new experience for the audience and described the event as “Halloween in May.”

“‘Extraordinary Tales’ is a collection of great stories–great poems that people wrote,” Doyle said. “But it is not just a story, it is how we portray the music, how we tell this story with the music.”

William Doyle wrote all the musical compositions for “Extraordinary Tales in Music”. He was inspired to write the music because he loves stories by Edgar Allan Poe and thinks that Poe is a captivating writer.

“I think when you have a very dramatic story, as a composer, you can almost begin to hear what the music should be to fit a story,” Doyle said.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event and tickets will be $21 for the general public and $10 with a student discount, Rick Christophersen, director of the Center For The Arts said.

Anthony Moreno, baritone vocalist said that classical music can be contemporarily enjoyed and not just appreciated.

“These are new works by a living composer,” Moreno said. “You should come and hear the sounds of local artists because they immediately reflect the vast community it represents.”