‘Rumors’ is an edge-of-your-seat comedy



Cast members of the play, “Rumors,” take a bow after their performance. The farcical comedy will have their final showings March 4-6 in the Marsee Auditorium. Photo credit: Alisa Banks

A little after 8 p.m., the show began with a stressed-out wife, pacing and running around the living room, debating whether to smoke a cigarette or not while her husband is upstairs in the master bedroom.

The phone rings with the doctor on the other line, wondering about his patient, the man of the house, whether or not he’s ok. The panic-stricken wife lies to the doctor that everything is ok, when everything really isn’t ok.

There’s a big secret this couple must hide from the rest of the guests who are set to arrive at any moment.

With sarcastic humor, couples’ drama, and a very big secret, throughout the evening in the play, the rest of the party slowly began to grasp the severity of the panic-stricken wife and frantic husband.

“Rumors” gave a small preview of the production based on Neil Simon’s play at the Campus Theatre for family, friends, and students to attend.

Although there weren’t many people in attendance for the preview, the actors played the performance as if it were opening night with a full auditorium to perform to.

Ronald Scarlata, theater professor, was elated over the performance.

“The actors were very ready and gave stellar performances,” Scarlata said. “The audience laughed throughout and clearly had a great time.”

Stephanie Raygoza, 20, Torrance resident, attended the play.

“I’m here to support my boyfriend who is working backstage in production,” Raygoza said. “But I used to be in theater back in high school, so I didn’t mind going.”

The performances given by the actors were spectacular, from screaming in hysteria questioning what is really going on, to performing a spectacular lie to the police to save themselves from going to jail.

Katie Villanueva, 20, theater major, went to the play for both support of the cast and also because she had to go for her class.

“Rumors”, the play full of drama, lies coming to surface, and just more rumors, is a play that will keep you on the edge of your seat in trying to find what is truth and what is lie, and laugh all throughout the play.

The play will have three performances open to the public in the Campus Theatre on March 4 and 5 at 8 p.m., and March 6 at 3 p.m., tickets are $15, according to the Center for the Arts website.