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Students are being scammed through their student emails. What can be done about it?

By Mikayla Schwartz

April 7, 2020

Throughout this academic year, I have received more and more scam emails about jobs to my school email account. The emails are always offering to hire for part-time jobs, or to hire El Camino College students as personal assistant...

Scammers continue to target students with fraudulent job offers

By Fernando Haro

February 18, 2020

Scammers continue to target El Camino College students with fraudulent job opportunities in attempts to drain recipients' bank accounts, according to a campus-wide email.The perpetrators disguise themselves as faculty using fake ECC ...

New federal work-study application will soon be available

By Kealoha Noguchi

April 26, 2019

Students will be able to complete the federal work-study (FWS) application to get a job on campus once it becomes available in the upcoming weeks, according to the El Camino College website. FWS is a federally funded program that is awarded to eligible students through the Financial Aid Office at El Ca...

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