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Women’s soccer team extends win streak in last minute victory over LA Harbor

El Camino forward Claire Mahon attempts to shoot for the goal with the defense surrounding her during a women’s soccer game against LA Harbor College at El Camino College on Friday, Oct. 20. (Ivette Cadena | The Union)


With a minute to go in the match and LA Harbor College leading 1-0 things weren’t looking good for the women’s soccer Warriors.

El Camino forward Ashley Ruiz shot an attempt but was blocked and fouled by LA Harbor, earning a free kick.

With seconds on the clock Ruiz kicked and missed; her shot ricocheted to forward Catherine Curwood-Wagner who scored. The score was now 1-1.

Now in stoppage time El Camino forward Natalie Rodriguez attempted but was blocked by LA Harbor goalkeeper Melanie Ramos.

After LA Harbor fouled again Ramos would save another goal attempt, this time from El Camino forward Ruby Colcol, but the Seahawks goalie dropped the ball early giving Colcol an opportunity to punt the ball in.

An LA Harbor goalie prepares to kick the ball back during a women's soccer game against El Camino College on Friday, Oct. 20. (Ivette Cadena | The Union)
An LA Harbor goalie prepares to kick the ball back during a women’s soccer game against El Camino College on Friday, Oct. 20. (Ivette Cadena | The Union)

The El Camino College women’s soccer team erupted in celebration as the Oct. 20 home game against LA Harbor College ended with Warriors winning 2-1, extending their winning streak to five and updating their overall season record to 10-3-1.

“That’s soccer,” LA Harbor coach Arturo Caballero said post game. “We almost went 90 minutes with our game plan and you know soccer is so dynamic and it’s so unpredictable, two plays can make a difference [in] the last two minutes.”

Originally slated to begin at 4 p.m. in the P.E. and Athletics Field the Friday match began late and instead took place on Featherstone Field inside Murdock Stadium.

The change of venue came due to a medical emergency that occurred during the Men’s soccer game against LA Harbor taking place the same day. A referee collapsed on the field and was taken away in an ambulance.

The incident delayed the men’s game which in turn affected the start of the women’s game. Anticipating the delayed start and factoring in an early sunset, Athletics Director Jefferey Miera said department organizers decided to change the venue of the game out of an “abundance of caution.”

Murdock Stadium has lights while the soccer field does not.

“Soccer is soccer, once the ball starts rolling it doesn’t matter where you’re playing,” El Camino coach Anton Arrache said before the match.

The Seahawks took the lead early with LA Harbor midfielder Andrea Reyes scoring her first goal of the season only 10 minutes into the first half.

Much of the half was a center field game, with both teams battling it out for control of the ball.

LA Harbor defender Wendy Mancillas attempted a shot 34 minutes in but was blocked by El Camino goalkeeper McKenna Morey.

The Warriors began to ramp up toward the end of the half, pushing the ball forward but failing to break through the Seahawks defense.

El Camino forward Claire Mahon would run the ball to the net multiple times throughout the game only to be corralled by LA Harbor defense. LA Harbor goalkeeper Ramos would save an attempt made by Mahon at the end of the first half.

Later Ramos would make another save at the start of the second half, this time from a shot attempt by Warrior forward Allison Sibley. Ramos would have four saves overall in the game

“Credit goes to the opponent, I think they were tactically set up in the first half,” coach Arrache said.

El Camino made efforts to keep the ball on the Seahawks side, but failed to break through. As the game neared its end Seahawk supporters began confidently shouting words of support, anticipating a victory.

With a minute on the clock Warriors would score. Playing on stoppage time El Camino would score again about two minutes later.

Harbor goalkeeper Ramos said after the match that because it was a rivalry game the team came in “giving it their all.”

“I mean it sucks,” Ramos said. “That we had to give up some goals in the last three minutes.”

Warrior Mahon said she went into the game expecting a challenge but overall a victory.

“You never plan to be down, I’ll say Harbor did a really great job today, they brought a lot of energy but I thought that we were really able to turn it around in the second half,” Mahon said.

She credited the team, saying they pivoted well after coach Arrache switched to “a whole new formation” after the first half.

Coach Arrache said the changes helped foster the victory.

“We made some halftime adjustments and I thought we were especially in control of the match in the second,” Arrache said. “We came out victorious today, but had the game ended a couple minutes sooner, they could have held the spoils.”

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