Mt. San Antonio Mounties snap Warriors’ win streak


El Camino’s Hector Uribe serves the ball during a singles match at home on March 30 against the Mounties of Mt. San Antonio College. El Camino’s two-win streak was snapped after a 7-2 loss against the Mounties. (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)

Following what proved to be a rigorous men’s tennis match, the Mt. San Antonio Mounties overpowered the El Camino College Warriors by a landslide score of 7-2 during the last conference game of the season on March 30.

Mounties won all three double and four single games, leaving the Warriors behind with the home team posting two wins in doubles.

Held at home on the tennis courts, the doubles match immediately began with Mounties player Lucas Van Zee serving his ball through the net to take control of the match early.

Van Zee and doubles partner Kaden Salvador took the win from the Warriors’ team of Keanu Wagner and Aaron Smith by four points.

“It was a good game, I was feeling under the weather, but it was still a good game,” Van Zee said.

Salvador said that it had been a while since they played due to the rain.

“I was a little rusty,” Salvador said. “I think we played a little better than last time.”

On the second court, Warrior’s Joshua Holman glides on the floor only to have the ball get caught onto the net.

With rackets a flurry, the ball zipped from left to right throughout the match, as both doubles teams battled it out, gliding and scratching up the court.

“It was a good game,” Holman said. “We could have won. Maybe some other time.”

Warriors Holman and Benjamin Horodner took a loss during their doubles match against Ahren Van Zee and Tyler Perez.

The Warriors lost by four points.

As each game ended, El Camino coach Sergiu Boerica wrote down the points of each double and single realizing that the golden streak was coming to an end.

“I wish I had better things to say,” Boerica said. “They were a lot more aggressive.”

As the scores added up to eight points, the game shifted into singles matches.

El Camino’s Wagner and Mountie Van Zee would face off in an intense matchup.

“I don’t have anyone to talk to,” Van Zee said, frustrated during the single match. “It’s amazing I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

During the first set, the score was 1-6.

Van Zee swung furious serve after furious serve, launching the ball to gain points. Van Zee would end up taking the win from Wagner during the last set.

Mt. San Antonio’s coach Lee Shiomoto expressed how close he thought the early afternoon game was.

“[The game] was very competitive. They could have gone either way,” Shiomoto said.

Meanwhile, the Warriors coach gave credit to the intensity Mt. San Antonio brought to the table during the double matches.

“We tried to keep up but we don’t have the experiences,” Boerica said. “The strokes were aggressive.”