Warriors gain redemption in rematch against West LA College


Brenna Wilson shoots a 3 point shot in the 4th quarter. Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor

South Coast Conference player of the year Kayla Bibb led the El Camino Warriors to a 62-50 victory in a rematch against the West Los Angeles Wildcats on Friday, Feb. 23.

The Warriors lost the regular season match-up against the Wildcats 53-49 in a game where Bibb only scored 8 points during their first encounter.

“I honestly didn’t show up the first game I played them and today was different,” Bibb said. “I showed who I was and I showed I can play El Camino basketball.”

Bibb, who was under the weather coming into the contest, did “show” up, scoring 26 points and grabbing a career high of 22 rebounds.

“Slim (Bibb) can be sick for the rest of the year if she’s is going to come out and do 26 and 22,” said head basketball coach and SCC coach of the year, Steve Shaw.

The Warriors started off the game missing 12 of their first 13 field goal attempts, until freshman guard Nao Shiota was able to break the scoring drought knocking down three huge buckets from beyond the arc as the both teams were tied at 11 at the end of the first.

“What got us going first quarter when we were struggling so much was Nao’s (Shiota) three pointers,” said Shaw. “Now all of the sudden they have to worry about her, even though they already knew about her.”

Despite their shooting woes, the Warriors were able to close out the first half leading 21-16 finishing the first half with an abysmal 21.1 field goal (FG) percent.

Brenna Wilson shoots a 3 point shot in the 4th quarter. Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor

After halftime, the Warriors were able to blow open the game, scoring 41 points in the second half, with 17 of those points coming from the charity stripe and Bibb hitting 10 of the 17 free throws.

The Wildcats came into the game averaging 72.7 points per game and 79.8 points per game in conference play.

“It was more on us, a lot of missed shots, a couple of defensive assignments we missed,” Wildcats Asst. Coach, Ben Davis Jr. said. “It was more on us, not really playing and embracing the moment.”