El Camino pair advances to state quarterfinals for beach volleyball

The top two El Camino beach volleyball pairs advanced to the State Tournament and once the seeding was announced, both felt pretty confident.

Unfortunately for sophomores Brooklyn Rubio and Taylor Brydon, they began their match on Saturday, May 6 just like the rest of the season: in a slump.

They lost the first set due to error after error and even when they did catch up and forced a third set, they reverted back to their first set performance and lost in three tough sets to Ventura College’s Flores and Hunter.

The pair has been ousted from the tournament, but luckily for the Warriors, Michelle Shimamoto and Micah Hammond were able to advance to Sunday’s quarterfinals after quick work of their two opponents.

“I think we played well today,” Hammond said. “We’re (playing Grossmont) and we played pretty well last time we faced them, so I think we have a good shot.”

Hammond and Shimamoto were ranked No. 27 and will take on No. 19 Robyn Arthur and Madeleine Schaeffer of Grossmont College in the fourth match tomorrow.