Just follow the rules


Illustration by Eugene Chang

Students should leave their backpacks, purses, gym bags and whatever else they are carrying outside when entering the bookstore. It’s been a rule and like most rules, there are reasons why it exists.

Students who choose to steal can do so with more ease with their backpacks. It wouldn’t take much to be able to slip a textbook or two into a backpack in the store, especially when it is crowded like it is during the first few weeks of school. This is not to say that everyone will steal from the bookstore. But the fact remains that if students are able to bring backpacks inside, more items would be stolen because it would be easier to do so. When you enter the bookstore with just a wallet, it is much more difficult to take things like textbooks, supplies, or even some of the snacks and slip out undetected.

Second, there are lockers available for students to use outside. All you need is to find a vacant locker with a key attached, take a quarter, lock up your belongings with the quarter, and then once you return to get your backpack or purse you re-insert the key to grab your belongings and get your quarter back. You are essentially paying nothing to store your belongings in a safe space while you shop in the bookstore. Needless to say, this is better than leaving your bags unattended outside of the bookstore like so many other students do.

Third, backpacks and purses can clutter up the bookstore, especially during the beginning of the semester. Imagine other students setting down their backpacks or purses for a moment and just as quickly, someone, who did not see the backpack, could trip and fall which could lead to an injury. It is hard enough trying to move around the bookstore when dozens of students are all rummaging through school supplies, but when you add backpacks into the equation there’s a greater chance for something to happen that could hurt someone or cause another problem.

And in reality, it’s not a big deal leaving your backpack outside. You have more room to navigate through the store without knocking into anyone or anything. You’ll have it back as soon as you are done with your business in the bookstore and you can go back on your way. Leaving your backpack outside does more good than harm. And honestly, it’s easier to just follow that rule anyway.