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Why give them more worries

Illustration by Eugene Chang

There are all sorts of reasons for being late or absent. So why should a teacher forcibly drop a student for some late appearances to their class when they have other things to worry about?

They shouldn’t.

Think about the student first and then about the teacher.

Of course the teachers usually have syllabi that explains to students that they will be dropped after a certain number of tardies or absences.

But what if those students have legitimate reasons for being late?

El Camino is just like any other college, university or trade school. There are students who work, full or part-time, who have families to take care of and/or have travel complications.

How is a teacher to assume that the bus will be late five or 10 minutes on the day their student walks in late? If their car broke down or they had to work a little extra, is it their job to call the student out for it?


Their job is not to worry about that single student, but to worry about teaching the rest.

Of course if a student is to walk in late to every class. Take a look at the syllabus. Is there a number in there that says that student should be dropped after a certain number?

If there is, the teacher should drop them. Otherwise what is the point of giving out and telling the rules of the class in the beginning of every semester?

Now that is just a couple things to think about within the students.

Let’s talk about the teachers.

They have to deal with their own personal life, their families, their work (grading papers/test) and actually teaching the classes.

Why give them something else to worry about?

They shouldn’t have to. They do role call every class, they mark it down whether a student is late or absent, or at least they should. So why don’t the people doing the records make it a mission to tell whoever is in charge of that to drop someone?

They wouldn’t because that’s not their job and neither is dropping a student for teachers.

The teachers should also be thinking of the majority students, as was said, but some teachers can be mean or strict about this and will drop a student.

But what about the teachers that actually feel rude or bad for dropping a student?

Think about it. They were once students as well; they also may or may not have been in the same situations and would have hoped their professor did not drop them.

At least the effort is made to actually go to class, late albeit, but it makes no sense to drop them unless they are also failing to do anything in the class.

It goes a long way and one can blame someone the next person or the person in charge, but in the end it all comes down to the student.

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