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Students can not and will not be objective

Illustration by Eugene Chang

If students were allowed to grade their teacher in high school or college, the teacher might not do a great job with teaching the class effectively, because instead of teaching the class, the teacher would be more focused on becoming the student-pet.

There is already a site that allows students to grade their professor, so why should the school allow students to grade their teacher. If a student want to grade their teacher they could simply go to or (for high school and college students) to write a review about them with grades.

The sites are a very popular tool that many students use as a guidance in choosing classes, but it is not something that could affect a teacher’s career. Any student could rate any professor on that site, even if they did not take the class. Some of the reviews could be false, so that is why the site isn’t effective, but if students were allowed to grade their teacher at school the school would have to take it serious because the school would know that the student actually took the class.

Instructors work really hard at making lesson plans for the students, teaching them and grading their assignments. Some students might give a teacher a bad grade, simply because of their inability to receive the grade they wanted.

Instead of teaching their class the way they want to, some teachers would become the student-pet, meaning the class would be taught the way the majority want it to be taught. The teacher would teach the class in a way that would make them get a good grade. Most students want an easy class instead of a class that actually challenges them to push themselves to learn more.

There are other negative outcomes if students were allowed to grade their teacher, such as lowered pay rates for teachers. The teacher that receive bad grades could get fired, and also out of work for a long time just because a couple of students gave them a bad grade based on their emotional reaction to an unwanted grade.

It wouldn’t be fair to the teacher because students are mostly not going to grade objectively, and some students will grade based on what other students say they should do. It also wouldn’t be fair to the students that actually want to learn something.

Instructors wouldn’t be graded on their attitude, fairness, public speaking, and lesson plans.

In conclusion, students would overpower the instructors if they were allowed to grade their teachers. Most high school students would likely be giving the most strict instructors a bad grade, college students would do the same.

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