Campus Viewpoints: Favorite Beyoncé Song

In honor of Beyoncé’s birthday, The Union staff recently asked students if they are a fan of her, and if so, what their favorite Beyoncé song was.

Diamond Brown/ The Union

Pilar Rodriguez, 17, psychology major

“I am a fan, her vocal range is good,” Rodriguez said. “My favorite song I like is ‘Partition’.”

Diamond Brown/ The Union

Samantha Montes, 17, American Sign Language major

“I really like her stage presence and how she carries herself,” Montes said. “My favorite song is ‘Sweet Dreams’.”

Diamond Brown/ The Union

Danni Vargas, 18, business major

“I like Beyoncé, I can just vibe with her,” Vargas said. “I like ‘Drunk in Love’.”

Diamond Brown/ The Union

La’ Brenesha Johnson, 20, administration of justice major

“I’m a Beyoncé fan. I like the way she represents African-American females, she shows that she has brains and is not just a piece of meat and that we are somebody,” Johnson said. “My favorite song is ‘I Was Here’.”