Campus Viewpoints: What are you concerned about on campus?

The Union asked students about their biggest concern on campus and how they’re impacted by them.

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Jose Tobar/ The Union

Alina Tilly, 18, undecided major

“More of awareness for people that come to El Camino College,” Tilly said. “I recently experienced a situation with a robbery. You know, stealing is in our everyday lives [so] you have to be very aware of who you’re around. You never know if a school shooting might happen, but I’m glad that there’s cops here.”

Jose Tobar/ The Union

Abraham Ponce, 27, history major

“I’m in a wheelchair and all of the elevators are down currently, so I wasn’t able to make it to my communications class which is kind of bad you know,” Ponce said. “And it’s barely the second day. So, hopefully they fix it. My main concern is, if this compromises my education, well then, that’s bad thing, right?”

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Jose Tobar/ The Union

Devon Morrison, 22, psychology major

“My main concern is am I really going to pass with all these assignments that these teachers have been handing out to us all at the same time.”

Jose Tobar/ The Union

Michelle Herrera, 20, psychology major

“Our safety, as far as gun control and the situations that have been going on across the United States, and how it can affect us students and how we would resolve a situation like that if such a situation came to us.”

Jose Tobar/ The Union

Shante Baskerville, 24, art major

“My main concern on campus is safety for all students,” Baskerville said. “Mainly for females who walk alone at night cause I’ve read a lot in the articles about assault and all that. So I avoid taking night classes because of it. Hopefully there can be more security after hours.”

Jose Tobar/ The Union

Nigel Martin, 28, art history major

“By Crenshaw and Redondo Beach Blvd, there’s only like two areas that are super close, and the third area where you can get on an Uber is kind of further back,” Martin said. “Maybe there can be another section with indicators. Because, when I’m in the middle of the two [areas], right now it is really congested right there. So I sometimes have to wait longer because of all that congestion.”

Jose Tobar/ The Union

Miguel Escobar, 21, communications studies major

“Since they already built the new Student Services Building and they plan on tearing down the old [building], as well as the current Activities Center, from what I’m aware of they’re going to block this western pathway beside the building,” Escobar said. “That is going to make it hard for students to get across from one side of the campus to the other because of the machines.”