Students share their spring break plans

With midterms coming up, The Union asked students what their spring break plans are.

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Irma Ramirez, 19, biology major

“Relax, catch up on homework that is due the following week. Also, study for exams that I know are going to come up and hopefully spend time with my family.”

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In Park, 32, math major

“I didn’t really have a plan, but I’m probably gonna stay home and play video games.”

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Chris Aringe, 18, undecided

“I’m going to go, to hang out with the homies, just chill, that’s it.”

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Rayyan Franklin, 22, biology major

“Well I was planning to travel, but I changed my plans. I’ll just take a break from school just at home and relax and do some work that pertains to the coming exams, and for the finals, stuff like that. I was planning on going to London but it didn’t work out.”

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Derick Rodriguez, 19, undecided

“I am going to help out a couple of friends and do as much work as possible. I am also going to reach out to others, and learn some stuff along the way.”

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Jenebrith Pastran, 21, art history major

“So, I’m hoping to go up to the bay, I think April 6, to go and visit the school that I got into, San Francisco State University. So, there’s this event where you can meet faculty, and it’s kind of like this welcoming for admitted students, transfer students specifically. I’m trying to go for maybe a day or two. I’m just gonna spend it over there.”