Students share their favorite thing about the campus and improvements they think should be made

The Union set out around campus and asked students what their favorite thing on campus was. They also shared their thoughts on improvements that should be made around campus.


Fernando Hernandez, 19, film major

“One of the things I like about the campus is how easy everything is to access. We have all kinds of staff who can help you find your classes and stuff. One thing that I can think of that can be improved upon, I would say, would be the restrooms being old.”


Mason Avina, 18, undecided

“What I like is the greenery and I also like the Cafe Camino area. It has positive and chill vibes. I think [in] a lot of the areas around campus, cleanliness could be approved.”


Prisila Valadez, 20, sociology major

“What I like around campus is the faculty and the resources around campus, like the tutoring the campus provides. One thing that can be improved is parking to be easier. Finding parking is difficult.”


Isaac Gutierrez, 18, nursing major

“What I really think is cool about campus is the one lunch truck that’s over there by the parking and bookstore. I got this one breakfast burrito and it was really good. Things that should be improved here, I think probably more food trucks.”


Sarai Agosto, 18, undecided

“I like probably the coffee shops and variety of food places. I think the bathroom stalls should be improved by making them a little bigger.”