Campus Viewpoints: Students share their favorite places to study

Whether it is a fall or spring semester, students need their places to study. The Union went around campus to ask students where their favorite places to study were.


Andrew Bundy, 19, digital arts major

“My favorite place would have to be home because it’s easier to focus when you’re somewhere that’s comfortable.”


Herman Orozco, 20, music major

“I like to study at the Library,” Orozco said. “At just any table, really.”


Ashley Jackson, 22, undecided

“My favorite place to study is usually in the library or, among the halls of the buildings because sometimes they’re usually quiet, or there’s some noise,” Jackson said. “So, strangely, some noise [and] conversations, can help calm me down and focus, rather than just pure silence.”


Earvie Vassar, 53, communications major

“Just a quiet corner, nowhere specific,” Vassar said. “The less noise, the more my mind gets to be creative and just read, you know that’s it.”


Solee Scarlet, 19, childhood education major

“I like to study at the library just because there are specific places that you sit and have your own space where, like, no one else is disturbing you, but you can also go in the rooms with other people and group study,” Scarlet said. “So, it works out really well both ways.”


Dania Flores, 23, English major

“I like to study at the library cause it’s quiet; not really that many people there. I get distracted at home.”