Campus Viewpoints: Winter Break Plans

Editor’s note: A photo was removed from this article due to illegal use by other websites causing safety concerns.

With the semester coming to an end, the Union asked EC students what their winter plans were.

Rogelio DeSantiago, 19, second-year business major plans on resting up as he will be taking one to two courses during winter break. Photo credit: Roseana Martinez

Rogelio DeSantiago, 19, business major

“I’m going to take an online course during winter,” DeSantiago said. “I also will be hanging out with family and friends for Christmas and New Years.”

Alejandro Nuno, 20, kinesiology, will be spending time with his family at Lake Tahoe during Christmas. Photo credit: Roseana Martinez

Alejandro Nuno, 20, kinesiology major

“I am going to hang out with friends and definitely try to go to Six Flags,” Nuno said. “Every year my friends and I make it a tradition to go to Six Flags at least once a year, so we are trying to go soon.”

Guadalupe Diaz, 20, liberal studies major, hopes to go to the mountains with friends and family over winter break.

Guadalupe Diaz, 20, liberal studies major

“My winter break plans are going to the L.A. Zoo Lights,” Diaz said. “I also want to go to Universal Studios to see how it’s decorated and I also want to decorate my house for Christmas and go to the mountains.”

Kaycee Kaba-Yee has been working as a secretary for the First Year Experience Program for two years now. She plans on spending time with her and her husband’s friends up in Oregon for a little over winter break. Photo credit: Roseana Martinez

Kaycee Kaba-Yee, Secretary for FYE

“I’m planning on spending Christmas Eve with my family with a simple dinner,” Kaba-Yee said. “Then we are going up to San Francisco to visit my husband’s side of the family, then we are going to visit some friends up in Oregon.”

Anh Thai, 19, second-year business major plans on taking one course after winter break, to get ahead with her classes.

Anh Thai, 19, business major

“I plan to take an online class during the winter session,” Thai said. “I also will be helping my family move to a new house up north and enjoy Christmas with friends and family.”