Student’s share their favorite music genres and artists

Alan Morales, 18, physics major

“Current artist, for now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sam Smith,” Morales said. “A lot of female artists, Ariana Grande, Adele, and recently I’ve been listening to The Beatles too.”

Anthony Delira Carrion, 21, music major

“I really like the Arctic Monkeys, but I really just listen to electronic music,” Carrion said.

Some electronic music artists he listens to are Deadmou5, Old Tiesto, and Kaskade.

“It just makes you move, even if you don’t like the way it sounds, it makes you move,” Carrion said. “It doesn’t always have to have lyrics, but you still relate to it. Everything about it, I just love it.”

Andrea Juarez, 20, business major

“I like everything. I have banda, Amy Winehouse, Adam Levine, Fergie, Rihanna,” Juarez said.

Currently, she is listening to “My Chemical Romance,” however her favorite song is “Chunky” by Bruno Mars.

“I think whatever you listen to when you’re younger, is usually what you end up listening to when you’re older,” Juarez added.

Christopher Vargas, 20, biology major

He is currently into the band “System of a Down,” with his favorite song being “Chop Suey!”

One of the newer artists he’s been listening to is Logic.

“Logic did catch my attention. I like that when he raps he beats a story, he uses a variety of words and pulls up a message into every song. He definitely puts a lot of time into his music, a lot of thought,” Vargas said.

Samahi Juvera, 18, sociology major, sits on a bench outside of the Industry Technology Education Center. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Samahi Juvera, 18, sociology major

Juvera recently rediscovered MF Doom who is a hip hop artist she used to listen to a lot.

“I was just in like a rut and then I started listening to older songs I used to like a lot,” Juvera said.

Father John Misty is an indie rock artist Juvera is also currently interested in. She enjoys the lyricism in both artists’ music.

“I appreciate rhyme schemes like the rhyme schemes MF Doom uses, I really think that’s cool,” Juvera said. “And in artists like Father John Misty he has a very satirical approach to everything and so that’s what I appreciate too.”

Fred Navarro, 21, music major, sits on a bench while he waits for his next class to begin. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Fred Navarro, 21, music major

Navarro listens to classical music like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, and Frédéric Chopin.

“I got into it from a young age. My parents would listen to that kind of music,” Navarro said. “Then, during middle school, I started playing instruments so it was like really influential to me.”

He enjoys other genres of music too but he wouldn’t consider them his “thing”.

“I feel like it tends to follow more of a harmony for classical music and then for more modernized music it just tends to go all over the place,” Navarro said.

Moises Cerrato, 37, digital arts major, stands in the hallway in the bottom floor of the Humanities Building. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Moises Cerrato, 37, digital arts major

Cerrato is rediscovering music from the past because he isn’t interested in modern hip hop which is the genre he used to listen to.

There isn’t a specific decade and genre Navarro prefers but he has currently been listening to a lot of music from the ‘80s.

“Mainly ‘80s music because it has a certain tone to it that’s kind of like quirky or whatever,” Cerrato said. “And recently I’ve been watching a couple ‘80s movies and it makes sense I’m like ‘aye’ it’s kind of hip.”

Traci Grant, 37, Writing Center tutor, shows off her bracelets representing different K-pop bands. Photo credit: Kevin Caparoso

Traci Grant, 37, tutor from the Writing Center

“I am addicted to K-pop, Korean pop music,” Grant said. “I have liked K-pop since before it was cool. I have been a K-pop fan since like 2007.”

Grant believes the genre became popular because people connected with the lyrics but she also believes there is more to it that makes it stand out.

“The beats are different, the bass is different, the way that they layer music is different,” Grant said. “So when they create a song it doesn’t sound like the same song you just listened to five minutes ago.”


Irvin Marana, 19, nursing major

Marana is currently listening to pop, rap, and electronic dance music.

“I like to look around at nonfamous artists,” Marana said. “I usually go through Spotify and just look at what is intersting to me.”

He also said how he enjoys K.A.A.N, who is a rap artist because he enjoys his flow.

“What makes me listen to them is mainly what they have to say,” Marana said.